The E ZEE SKEE STRAP® holds open pole straps, allowing skiers to get gloved hands in and out of ski straps for more fun on the slopes.


Skip The Drama

Why get first chair if you're last on the slopes? Don't be left behind because of annoying pole straps. Save the drama for après ski and claim first tracks with the

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The E ZEE SKEE STRAP is sold in local ski shops throughout the country. Visit our partners page to find a shop near you. The strap can also be purchased online through eBay. 

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Keep Skiing Fun.

Tickets are expensive. Don't waste time fumbling with annoying pole straps on the top of the slopes. E ZEE SKEE STRAP eliminates the hassle of getting bulky, gloved hands into pole straps. 


"Last year one of my ski buddies bought me your
E ZEE SKEE STRAP gizmos. They are PERFECT, and they are one of my favorite accessories ever! No one waits on me anymore."

— Kelly S.