Don't Let Pole Straps Slow You Down.

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Keep Skiing Fun.

The E ZEE SKEE STRAP® holds open pole straps, allowing skiers to effortlessly get bulky gloved hands in and out of pole straps. No more fumbling with gear at the top of the hill.

The E ZEE SKEE STRAP® is good for all skiers, beginner through expert. Parents no longer need to help kids with their straps. For the more advanced skier, the E ZEE SKEE STRAP® provides better absorption and redistribution of energy from strong pole plants in steeps and bumps.

The E ZEE SKEE STRAP® fits virtually all ski pole straps and installs in seconds.

User Testimonials:

"I love your ski pole straps! I was always that one that everyone else had to wait for at the top of the run while I got buckled up and my poles ready. I have to wear mittens to keep my hands warm, but with mittens I always fought with the pole straps. It was so frustrating to try to get the straps separated so I could get my mittens through them. I was trying to come up with a way to wrap the straps in duct tape or something to get them to form a permanent open loop - but nothing I came up with did exactly what I wanted.

For the last 5 years we scoured every ski shop in every ski town, but never found anything close to what I wanted. Then last year one of my ski buddies bought me your E ZEE SKEE STRAP gizmos. They are PERFECT, and they are one of my favorite accessories ever! No one waits on me anymore. I just picked up 3 more of them as gifts for the other skiers on our trip to Big Sky next month. They are going to love them as much as I do."

- Kelly S.

The E ZEE SKEE STRAP® can be purchased at ski shops & sporting good stores across the United States or on eBay. See for yourself or check us out on social media!

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